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Trains have always facinated children and many adults. They make for popular birthday cakes for both audiences, children often prefering a famous Thomas the Tank Engine made from cake. Cakes shaped like trains are perfect birthday gifts for people who work or have worked with trains at somepoint in their life.

The following cake photos of trains are some of the coolest birthday cakes made by some very talented cake decorators. If you have your train cake you would like to add please feel free to do so!

train steamengine cakes train choochoo thomas

Train Cake Photo

A printed on thomas the tank engine photo for a birthday cake.

thomas steamengine train photo cake

Black Steam Train Birthday Cake

A detailed cake shaped like a steam train for older mans birthday cake.

photos thomas cakes photos choochoo

Thomas Train Cake

A large model of Thomas the tank engine made from cake.

train steamengine choochoo photo photos

Blue Train Birthday Cake

Birthday cake for boys birthday party shaped like thomas the tank engine.