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Designer wedding cakes are an emerging style of cake that began appearing at the end of the 1990's. As cake decorating tools advanced and became more affordable, cake decorators began experimenting with a wide range of techniques for different kinds of decorations and cake construction methods.

This led to incredible modern cake designs being realised such as cakes shaped like dresses or corsets, and decorated accordingly with icing laces and sugar decorations. Such cakes are very popular with modern couples and those of unique styles such as Gothic and fantasy.

The designer wedding cake pictures in this cake pictures gallery will give you a broad idea of what is possible, with countless wedding cake designs and beautiful wedding cake pictures.

modern photos cake

Disco Ball Cake

A funky birthday cake featuring a real disco ball as the cake topper.

artistic arty contemporary artistic contemporary cake

White Chocolate Wedding Cake

Picture of a modern cake design for a wedding, topped with sugar flowers.

rich modern fantasy designer gothic artistic cake

Fabric Wedding Cake

A unique cake design with fabric base and sugar lilies.

arty contemporary fantasy arty

Designer Butterfly Cake

Beautiful celebration cake with varying icing patterns and sugar butterflies.

arty artistic fantasy gothic modern luxury photos designer

Dress Shaped Cake

Cakes shaped like dresses are becoming popular alternatives to traditional wedding cakes.

rich photos modern cakes modern cake

Red Tower Cake

Illustrious red bows and sugar roses populate every tier of this designer wedding cake.

gothic luxury fantasy artistic photos rich cakes

Icing Drapes Cake

Wedding cake with royal icing and sugar paste flowers and drapes.

contemporary rich artistic contemporary modern

Blue & White

Mixed coloured tiers of blue and white as a unique wedding cake design.

gothic luxury modern cakes photos designer contemporary rich

White Crystal Cake

A stunning pure white wedding cake picture, with cake topper and other decor.

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