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Decorative French Cake

A well decorated French pastry cake with small, cream filled Croquembouche cakes.

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Chinese Croquembouche Cake

A traditional French pastry cake with the Chinese symbol for happiness.

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Floral Croquembouche

A standard croquembouche cake arrangement decorated with green leaves and red flowers.

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Croquembouche Tower

A very tall tower of rolled French pastries decorated with various fabrics.

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Beautiful Croquembouche Cake

A large stack of Piece Montee places upon a velvet cake stand.

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Croquembouche Cake Topper

Cute cake topper for a croquembouche cake, delicious French pastries.

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Small French Pastry Cake

A short French pastry cake for a small celebration such as a birthday or small wedding party.

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Croquembouche Cake Picture

Photo of the party with the croquembouche cake at the center before being cut.

photos french croquembouche photos

French Pastry Picture

Wedding guests enjoying their delicious, fresh croquembouche cake.

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