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Animal cakes are often in the shape of a favorite animal. Often depicting a cute animal such as dog or cuddly bunny, they can also be a scary animal or monster such as dragons for fantasy cakes. Animal cakes that aren't shaped as such, often include figures and models of animals made from sugar, icing or clay. These are arranged atop the cake in a fashion that is natural looking or to appear humorous. Another type of animal cake is to print the image or draw it from icing or sugar.

Animal cakes are usually most popular with children, but anyone can have an animal themed cake to suit their desires, such as a model of their favorite pet dog or cat. Skillful cake decorators capture the charm of the animal and trap it within the icing.

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German Shepard Cake

Cute dog themed birthday cake for those who adore mans best friend.

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Mini Bear Cake

Adorable baby's first birthday cake, decorated with tiny cute model bears.

dog zoo bear

Love Bears

Two bears in love, representing the bride and groom or anniversary couple.

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Rainbow Cake

Funny animal cake, the bride and groom represented as characters from the 80s Rainbow TV show.

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Kangaroo Wedding Cake

Themed animal wedding cake. Bride and groom are represented as two kangaroos.

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Scooby Doo Dog Cake

Toddlers 3rd birthday cake in the shape of the worlds smartest dog, Scooby Doo ofcourse.

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Wedding Mice Cake

Three tier themed animal wedding cake, each wedding participant is in the form of a cute mouse.

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Girrafe Safari Cake

Animal themed birthday cake for a three year olds birthday. Made as a sitting girrafe.

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Polar Bear Animal Cake

Animal themed celebration cakes in the shape of an arctic polar bear. Great for kids and anyone who happens to like polar bears.

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