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Below are some cake photos of cakes shaped like airplanes for various celebration events. The most popular even being birthdays. Airplane cakes are popular both with adults and children.

They are also ideal for any one who flys an airplane for a living or hobby. Airplane birthday cakes can be built up from dowel to support fine details and pieces of cake. Other airplane cakes can just be a large piece of cake that has been cut and trimmed to form the shape of an airplane. The later is often chosen for kids birthday cakes.

cake photos photo aeroplane

Cessna Airplane Cake

Birthday or corporate cake in the shape of a popular light aircraft.

jumbo cake cakes vehicle photos

Flying Cessna

Another view of the Cessna plane cake, flying above the cake.

cake cakes cakes aeroplane

Concorde Jet Cake

Cake in the shape of the famous Concorde jet.

cake vehicle photos flying photos

Birthday Jumbo Jet Cake

Joint birthday cake for three people in the shape of a Boeing 747 passenger plane.